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Specialty/Tenant Services

Specialty Services/Tenant Services:


Replacing glass can be very expensive and time consuming.  New glass panels are not only expensive but in many instances panels have a long lead time.  We often find that other than the cost to replace the glass there are often many other factors that inhibit the replacement process.  Many times clients need to move displays and items around the glass before replacement can proceed often causing additional painting and repairs.

Utilizing the latest technology in glass scratch repair our skilled technicians can remove minor to deep scratches on most glass surfaces. These repairs can take place outside of business hours and can be done without having the need to gain any interior access. We can effectively remove scratches on residential and commercial glass windows.  Our professional glass scratch removal services provide building, retail and residential clients with a simple, timely, more cost-effective and greener alternative to glass replacement. 

Our scratch removal service can effectively remove the following:

  • Most scratches on windows and doors
  • Scratch graffiti, paint and acid graffiti
  • Construction, shipping and installation scratches.



Instead of re-doing your bathroom, NTT industries can rejuvenate it. While the method is pretty straight forward, the results are extraordinary.  We thoroughly clean and extract the dirt and grime from the grout surface - a more extensive process than your general janitorial company.  We then apply our bonding material to assure we have a sufficient mechanical bond for our next phase.  We then put our color enhanced sealer to all of your grout lines creating a new, fresh, long lasting appearance to your once worn and lack luster floors.



NTT Industries provides electrostatic painting services throughout the tri-state in addition to our other functions.  In its simplest form, electrostatic painting uses an electric charge within the paint for even distribution on targeted surface.  Electrostatic paint can be used on the following surfaces:

  • Convector Covers
  • Metal Furniture
  • File Cabinets
  • Bathroom Partitions



NTT Industries not only works with commercial real estate companies but also within tenant spaces.  Services include:

  • Protective Coat your stainless steel throughout your space for fingermarks and other grease and grime.  Areas can include your appliances such as your dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave, elevator bucks and lobby baseboards, bathroom partitions, toilet tissue dispensers, paper towel dispenser and sanitary napkin holders.